What's buzzin' cousin?


Where are you located and what is your "service area"?
I am located in Phoenix, AZ and service all of Arizona and some parts of California & Nevada.

Do I need to have a way for you to plug the trailer in?
Yes. We are currently a "plug and play" trailer, meaning we will need to plug into a 15-20 amp, 120-volt outlet for operation. This is the normal power any home appliance would use.

How many photo strips can print in one hour?
In our experience people average about 2 minutes per session. With this being the standard, about 30 strips per hour. 
How many hours should I book for a 100 guest event?
Our event minimum is 3 hours. For a 100 guest event we would suggest at least a 3 hour package. 
What if I want the photo booth shut down at certain times, like during the first dance or speeches?
We can do that! We have the ability to lock the booth down from your guests if you want their undivided attention during certain times.

What if Betty doesn't fit into my event's venue?
We also have an "open air" or freestanding booth named Al, that can fit into any venue space. You can see photos under the "eye candy" tab.

We are having a "black tie affair" and I would like your booth attendant(s) to dress accordingly. Is this a service you can provide?
We can most certainly dress the part for any occasion. Just please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

I need to cancel my booking, can I get my deposit back?
Absolutely, as long as it's at least 30 days prior to the event date.

With the recent events, do you offer prop free and hands free options?
Yes, I am now offering $50 off all prop free bookings and by request my software allows guest to control the booth with a QR code on their smart device (internet connection required). If you have any concerns in this area please feel free to call me or email so we can talk about this is further detail.

Does travel time and setup count as part of my photo booth package hours?
No! The hours you hire us for are the hours that the booth will be setup, open, and operating for your guests. 
 You dig?