Hey You Hep Cats and Cool Kittens

About Me

I wanted to start this business because of my love for all things vintage, and because of my love of photography. My husband and I bought our first vintage trailer, a 1956 Leisure Home in 2014, and our 1954 Chevy Bel Air not shortly after. The side of our fridge is covered in photo strips from different places we've been, and we enjoy looking on at our memories daily. It just seemed like a perfect fit to have a photo booth inside of a vintage 1956 Rainbow "canned ham" trailer. 

Our authentic vintage 1956 Rainbow "canned ham" trailer is named Betty, after my Grandmother. She and my Grandfather created so many wonderful memories for me in their lifetimes. My Grandfather gave me my love for photography and videography, and my Grandmother gave me a love for adventure.  Touches of the "days gone by" are the things that sets Bonafide Betty apart from other photo booths. You get an authentic vintage feel inside of her, as some things can just not be replicated.